Finally, I've got this blog up and running! Have you ever had a light-bulb moment, but you spend more time thinking about the idea than putting it into action? I could say, that was me.

Welcome to Bake and the City, my name is Bee. I'm a thirty-something year old living and working in London. I share my home with my fiancé and our new addition, who at present is a few months old three years old(!).

Bake and the City started off in 2012 as a near obsession to perfect one of my favourite recipes – apple crumble and custard – this is of course the ‘Bake’ bit – and as I worked in the city (I still do), a few posts about London town were to be included, to change it up a bit – the ‘City’ bit. But to date, I have only managed one. Oh dear.

Since then, I’ve become some-what of a recipe-hoarder. Recipe books and web-sites filled with cakes/desserts/cookies are a fetish to me. My oven is bored of pre-heating at 180°C and you’ll always find eggs in my fridge, just incase! Sometimes I’ll create my own recipes, sometimes I’ll feature famous others', either way the fun starts in my kitchen and that's where all the magic begins.

It is currently just me in this team, so any spelling mistakes you notice, just pretend you didn’t see them. But I’m doing something right as I’m happy to say Bake & The City now commands more and more visits from across the globe, it’s a pleasure to see another country on my visiting traffic stats each day!

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You know where I am now so I hope you'll visit me again.
• Connect with me via Twitter and e-Mail (bakeandthecity@gmail.com). 
• If you’re an advertiser looking to fill some of my lovely white space OR another blogger that simply wants to collaborate, invite me to a link party etc, do get in touch. It’s great to hear from my audience out there! :-)

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