26 Aug 2017

Why did my cake crack?

Why did my cake crack

Looking back on a few archived cake photos, I noticed a sponge that I'd made that had pretty noticeable cracks on its surface. It didn't bother me at the time, as I went on to feature its photo in a post, but now, it really bugs me. Why did my cake crack like that?

Three things really:

•  My oven temperature was set too high, and the surface expanded faster than the inside, or
•  Too much baking powder was added, or
•  My cake was placed too high in the oven.

I think I did the latter one, most likely. As when I make a sponge, I have to fight for space for two tins to be next to each other in my oven. So maybe one tin went on the top shelf with the other tin in the middle. That's why they always say to "bake cake in the middle of a pre-heated oven". Middle.

5 May 2017

Victoria Sponges For One

Aren't these tempting? I do love a cake made 'for one'. Some out-of-the-ordinary ingredients were used in the process too – instead of mixing with butter, we use cream; and instead of baking in a round cake tin we use a tin can. Yes, that's right a tin can that you would find soup in.

12 Feb 2017

Valentine's Red Velvet Cupcakes


I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day as much as I should. Probably due to the other half putting a bit of a dampener on it when we first started dating. Since then, I'm grateful if I receive a card, and to receive flowers? Well, that would be pushing the boat out a bit! His mantra is that everyday should be a Valentine's day ("that old chestnut") but I think that is more of a bloke's excuse to downplay its importance or something that him and his friends came up with one day :-)

But, I think there are millions of you that do celebrate it and make the time to show someone else how special they are. So here are some suitable Red Velvet Cupcakes that tie in nicely with the Valentine's day. The recipe is from the Hummingbird Bakery, and didn't take me too long to knock up. See what you make of it and I wish you a Happy Valentines!

6 Feb 2017

Having Your Cake and Eating It

What's going on in my world? Tonight, I was meant to make some time to write a new post after my Christmas one and research what recipe I could do next, but my toddler wouldn't settle for bed. The urge to settle her with cuddles and a reassuring tuck-in-to-bed was stronger than my Mac and my blogging time steadily got eaten into. I think to myself, blogging work in the evenings, has become a battle for me to 'have my cake and eat it too'. Except the reality for me is 'not having the cake'. Most days.

When I find a new favorite thing, I keep going back to it. New favourite shoes will get worn everyday; favourite nail polish, will g...

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