24 Nov 2016

Thanksgiving Pecan Pie Bars recipe

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. Happy Thanksgiving to ya’ll. I have something for you.
Pumpkin pie may always be on the list at Thanksgiving, but the true hero of the dessert table is pecan pie. And these ones come in bar form, so you can take them with you!

pecan pie bar

They’re pretty simple to make, you don’t need much kit, and they utilize a shortbread type of base. For a more UK alternative, check out good old apple crumble. You can't go wrong with that.

17 Nov 2016

Jamie Oliver's Brilliant Brownies

Very often, I pick a recipe because of it's picture. I'm also guilty of dismissing a recipe book if it doesn't have enough photos. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this?

This brownie recipe offered some pretty appealing pictures, and I'd wondered if mine was going to turn out looking at least half as delicious? As someone once told me you eat with your eyes, right? and Mary Berry always says "presentation is key" throughout Great British Bake Off?
So, I knew, if this is a well written recipe (which it should be coming from famous named Jamie Oliver) and I follow it down to a 'T', it should come out just like its photo!
And you know what, it's not done too badly! I was quite pleased! Of course I will let you be the final judge, see below. ☺

I have to stress, with all my previous Brownie recipes – from my first, to my last – I do always have to use one thing, without fail; and that is to use Green & Black's cocoa powder. Maybe that's because should I choose to drink it by itself (which I do sometimes) I'm assured it tastes grand. (Incase this happens to sound like one – rest assured this is not a sponsored post. I genuinely off my own back buy and use the stuff). Real talk!

When I find a new favorite thing, I keep going back to it. New favourite shoes will get worn everyday; favourite nail polish, will g...

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