30 Sep 2016

Heating-On weather Recipes

Today marks the first day after the summer that my central heating went back on. I was at my computer and felt a nip in the air and decided, it's time. To be fair, I have waited long enough and we are on October's doorstep. I think I have done well, all things considering!

So, to celebrate, here are my favourite Heating-On weather bakes.

• Number One, has to be Apple Crumble. There is no negotiation on this one. Apple Crumble is where my baking began and may it continue. No doubt I would have drawn out this recipe and executed many times before Christmas.

perfect Apple Crumble | www.bakeandthecity.co.uk

• Autumn or Fall, marks pecan harvesting season in the USA and I do tend to notice better deals on packs of pecans around this time over here, so we must not forget my Pecan Pie Bars recipe.

Baked Cheesecake for its dense nature and hint of warming nutmeg, will leave you pretty satisfied after one slice.

Baked Cheesecake | www.bakeandthecity.co.uk

Thin Pear Tart just because it looks so elegant. One to bring along to those cold autumn evening dinners.

Pear Tart | www.bakeandthecity.co.uk

• And, finally, the list is topped off with an honourable all-rounder 'whatever the weather'. Banana Cake. As this is a recipe that I bake so often, I can't help feeling like an expert, here are some tips you may find useful.

Banana Cake | www.bakeandthecity.co.uk

That's all folks. Hopefully we will be set for a warmer winter this year.

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