25 Jun 2014

Martha Stewart Thin Pear Tart

Pear Tart

Hey there. Writing these posts have become somewhat of a little battle. Primarily because I tend to eat all of what I bake and that does no wonders for my waist-line, unless I have people round to share it. I have to sample my creations, of course – but I'm not really the type of person that can stop at just 'two' of those delicious Brownies or those cookies.

I exercise regularly and all, but what I really need is an in-house taster! Someone that can help me polish off the remaining slices or handful of biscuits! I currently don't have one of those, but I'm on the look out! In the meantime I just have to cleverly bake when I'm expecting friends or when the parents come round. I would love to hear from other food bloggers – How do you stop yourself from devouring all of what you bake?

When I find a new favorite thing, I keep going back to it. New favourite shoes will get worn everyday; favourite nail polish, will g...

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