28 May 2014


Brownies on board

Hello. I'm having a hard time deciding on a new design for this blog. I haven't posted in a while, naughty me, as I've been waiting to post to a brand new 'look'. But it hasn't happened. I have managed to do something though. Make Brownies? Yep.

I've eaten brownies before, but never actually made any. They seemed boring to me. I chose to bake some after tasting a batch made by a friend of a friend, who hardly ever bakes! Her's tasted so good (to the point I wondered if she'd bought them) that I thought, if a stranger-to-baking can produce brownies like those, then so can I! So. These were nice enough with a satisfying chocolate and cocoa hit. However, since delving into the world of brownies, I've discovered they seem to fall roughly into two types. The cake-type brownie or the fudge-type brownie. I found the texture of these to be more of the 'cakey' type than the 'fudgy' type. Neither is wrong or right – I just prefer the fudgy type with a slight crisp crust.
So, not bad, but I need to try again. Just for me  :-)

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