20 Jun 2013

Stay Connected

For the love of baking
Having to have a password for every single online account couldn't be more annoying. That's why I've been so late on the scene with Twitter. There's so many social networking sites nowadays: Facebook, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Twitter, how does anyone have the time to keep up, I thought? But now, for the love of baking, I have myself been 'Tweeting' and haven't looked back. It's been so instrumental in finding new baking friends, taking part in baking challenges and just generally keeping up with what the baking community is doing. There's an army of us baking bods out there and Twitter has helped, to remind those at least that there are normal lives operating behind the computer screens of these polished blogs we see. I'm not the only one that's late with my posts, gets writer's block or rushes like a mad woman to photograph a cake before the sun goes down. If you too are synonymous with the above, or simply want to have a peak of 'behind the scenes' then I'd love you to join me on Twitter.

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