30 Jun 2013

White Choc Lime Cookies

I'm here writing to you and eating one of these cookies at the same time (multitasking), before I go and watch The Great Gatsby with the other half. I know I can easily say that I like cookies. And I know you’ve probably heard me say that before, but can I just tell you about these ones, please? Before I tell you about anything else – as nothing else is more important right now – these cookies are were so delicious! I don’t even want to say 'delicious' as that word is so over-used here. I need a new word for delicious to describe these cookies. When I first embarked on baking these, I did think: “these cookies are going to taste funny, as they have lime in them”. And cookies are meant to have sweet ingredients in them, right. We all know this. But was I wrong. I don’t know how, but together, the lime and white chocolate really work.
And the best thing about cookies in general – they're finished baking in 10 minutes! Normally with cookies I personally have a tendency to over-bake them, and then they end up like crunchy biscuits, but I did exactly as it said ‘on the tin’ this time and they came out perfect.

P.S: the secret to a good tasting white choc chip cookie, I believe, is to use a good quality chocolate chip! I have used Dr. Oetkers chocolate chunks.

20 Jun 2013

Stay Connected

For the love of baking
Having to have a password for every single online account couldn't be more annoying. That's why I've been so late on the scene with Twitter. There's so many social networking sites nowadays: Facebook, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Twitter, how does anyone have the time to keep up, I thought? But now, for the love of baking, I have myself been 'Tweeting' and haven't looked back. It's been so instrumental in finding new baking friends, taking part in baking challenges and just generally keeping up with what the baking community is doing. There's an army of us baking bods out there and Twitter has helped, to remind those at least that there are normal lives operating behind the computer screens of these polished blogs we see. I'm not the only one that's late with my posts, gets writer's block or rushes like a mad woman to photograph a cake before the sun goes down. If you too are synonymous with the above, or simply want to have a peak of 'behind the scenes' then I'd love you to join me on Twitter.

12 Jun 2013

Mini Very Berry Victoria Sponge cake

mini victoria sponge cake

After all this tart baking, I decided I needed some cake. But not just any cake, mind you. And I didn't fancy doing a big lahh-dee-dahh cake either. I didn't know exactly what I wanted, I just wanted some cake. Then it hit me. Like a bat out of hell, I saw what I was looking for! Thanks to SupergoldenBakes this recipe hit the spot! Not only was it individually sized and just enough for one person to eat a whole cake themselves without really eating a ‘whole cake', but I got to bake it with an ingredient I'd never used before in a cake ...and with a method unorthodox to my little baking mind!! Oh, it's too much, can't take the excitement!! Instead of mixing with butter, we use cream; and instead of baking in your round cake tin we use a tin can! No?! Say what!? All you need to know is…
it works. End of story.

P.S: This cake was so fab’, the other half loved it! Remember, I told you about him, he hardly eats my type of cakes and biscuits, but scoffed two of them! So that's quite a big deal for me. It must be Christmas.

mini victoria sponge cake

3 Jun 2013

Kiwi Strawberry Banana Tart

Today everything seemed like hard work. It's Sunday and I got stuck in a house-work rut. One chore led to another. And before I knew it I'd spent my whole morning and afternoon doing house-work. Even just going to the next room to use my computer is feeling like an effort for me, as I lay on my bed writing this post from my iPhone.

Maybe it's just 'lazy-itis' today.
However I did make the time to photograph today's creation. The final product tasted delightful, the fruit was sweet and the custard was light. My friends put in a 'special request' for this one to be made again.

This creation was more of a lesson for me. I made my own pastry here. And I can't deny I did find it a wee bit of an effort today. I've always made my own, but whilst battling with the evil dough, a small voice popped in to my head: "maybe using shop-bought pastry instead of making my own isn't so bad?" Gasp! Oh gosh, who said that?! Now, such an idea is a bit controversial coming from some one who is meant to be "baking" in every sense of the word! I know, I know. Seriously, after the way I feel today, if you try this recipe and decide to forgo the pastry-making part and use shop-bought stuff instead, I completely understand!

fruit tart

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