22 Apr 2013


baking beans
'Cookie' cookie mould, long tart tin, Baking beans

Some things are worth the fuss. Some things aren't.
Who has baking beans in their cupboard? I do, I do, I do! 
It was my birthday a few weeks ago and a good friend bought me some baking accessories! Amongst the useful cookie mould and fancy long tart tin (which I am eager to find a recipe for just so I can use it) (- found one!), were some ceramic baking beans. Now although I am a keen baker, this was one thing I just never had in my cupboard. And the one thing that's so boring to buy for yourself! It's like buying door handles. These are the thing to use when baking the base of your pies. As a substitute, I used to use scrunched up foil, or even rice, but they just didn't cut it as well as this will.
Happy Days.

New for 2014, here.

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  1. I understand your excitement over the baking beans! I have recently used rice instead and it all turned a bit disastrous when some rice escaped out of the greaseproof paper I'd put it in and managed to embed itself in the pastry...! I suppose it just added an extra crunch. Maybe baking beans should be on my birthday wish-list!


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