27 Jan 2013

Carrot cake


I felt so uninspired this weekend. I just didn't know what to bake. I had baker's block.

My friend recommended this really cool cake I'd previously never heard of with Baileys, Guinness and something else in. But I just didn't have the 'oomph' to go to the shops and buy the fancy ingredients.

So I just settled with what my fridge could provide. And with the abundance of carrots sitting within it, my fridge told me to make Carrot cake. Seriously, it did. I opened its door, and it said "make–Car-rot–Ca-ake" like a dalek. So, I did. You know, I wouldn't want to mess with a fridge, now!


Anyway, it was good advice as I received rave reviews from everyone who tried it and it was pretty simple to throw together. That is, once you get over the task of grating one-million-and-two carrots. Okay, I lie. It was probably only six. If you're smart, you'll buy carrots already grated. Or you'll have one of those little elves that appear from the bottom drawer to do it for you. Or children with the ability not to grate their own fingers.

I digress. It produced a fluffy and moist cake with delicious sweet frosting and hints of orange zest. (Texture: think Marks & Spencer/ Pret-A-Manger). Except, without the walnuts. I swapped the walnuts in favour of cashew nuts! So much better don't you agree?

And be sure to use Philadelphia soft cheese for the frosting (I'm not advertising for them, I just feel its consistency holds better for the frosting).

Done. Now, I just have to think what to bake for next week?

20 Jan 2013

Perfect Apple Crumble

Apple crumble
Apple Crumble

Where It All Began

You may (or may not) know that apple crumble is where it all began for me. That is, where my baking life began. So its only fitting I have a dedicated post to it, right? Right.

So this post, imagine it's like the Queen! And all the others are mere servants! Get the picture?
No, seriously, I don't know what it is about this dessert that I love it so. The last twelve months alone has seen it appear from my oven eleven times. Gosh. maybe I need to get out more. And d'you know what? It's even more fitting now, being winter and needing the right sort of comfort food.

But I cannot fail to mention, mine always has to come with custard. This is unnegotiable. Some of you out there may favour the likes of cream instead of custard (that's okay, I'll let you off, we can still be friends). But I need custard.
(n.b: not sure if custard over here in the UK is the same world wide. Check out pic for a visual).

I must also stress, the recipe below is for those, that like me, enjoy apple crumble with sweet apple filling. Not the tart taste you get from cooking-apples stuff I've suffered before. To help me get that result, I either use Cox's or Braeburn apples.
....Cox's or Braeburns? This article, 34 Science-Backed Health Benefits of apples examines the varieties of apple and their fantastic health benefits among anything!


18 Jan 2013

High Five 4 Friday

Arhh, so relieved it's Friday. It's so nice not to have anything on the weekend to rush off for and be
able to take the day at your own pace. I'm linking up with Lauren in the USA to look back at my week
so far.

High Five For Friday

I had all my old school friends over last Saturday. We had fun finding clever use for the 'poop' symbol on WhatsApp. We may have had some wine to drink.

Its sooooo nice coming home to a warm house on Monday after temperatures in London have dropped to -3! Radiators are on MAX!

Sainsbury's "A Bag For Life" – not with my kitty. She doesn't need fancy toys. This cool cat finds an empty carrier bag enough entertainment for her small brain.

I ate this on Wednesday. It was delicious. Enough said.

My DVD arrived Thursday. I'm the last person I know to watch this film for the first time. It's meant to be good.

13 Jan 2013

Baked Cheesecake


Hi there! I'm still around. I've been away a bit longer than planned! But look what I've made for you... Cheesecake! It's a 'Happy New Year' cheesecake! Made with love and all the good thoughts a new year should bring!

This is my second attempt at doing cheesecake, this version is much more 'prettier' than the last. 

Look at the sprinkles of nutmeg on the top! 
It's a beautiful thing!


baked Cheesecake

I really love cheesecake. The thought alone excites me!!! I am quite particular about it too.
I like mine with a more crumbly biscuit base. No one likes a soggy bottom, now!

Try this recipe. It didn't take long to put together and it tasted so nice (not too rich or stodgy)! Oh, and one more thing, the berries, they
are optional, they were added for special effect!

When I find a new favorite thing, I keep going back to it. New favourite shoes will get worn everyday; favourite nail polish, will g...

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