14 Dec 2012

"It's starting..."

Londo St Pauls Catherdral bus

...to feel a lot like Christmas"

Some nights feel extra special passing St Paul's on my way home after work. Tonight was one. It really felt 'Christmassy' as I pounded my city's streets and looked up at the cathedral beautifully lit. So, it only feels appropriate to wish you all a merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy it, whatever you do. I am lucky to be heading over the pond to visit my US family. In slightly warmer temperatures too.

9 Dec 2012

Baby Shower Cupcakes

cupcakes decoration

Do you know what? I have never seen a 'baby' pigeon!
In all of my 32 years living in London, I have never come across one?!
I have seen adult ones, fat ones, one-legged ones, one-eyed ones, but never 'baby' ones!?

Not that I really want to, as I hate pigeons (another story) but this realisation came to me whilst having to think of the answer to the correct term given to a 'baby' pigeon question, half way through a friend's baby shower quiz this weekend. Well, the answer is a 'squab', for those who care. And I learnt other terms for baby animals that I didn't previously know, that will enrich my life forever!


I also put my artistic baby drawing skills to practise. Check out my art (centre). It was done one-handed and blind, a pretty good attempt, me thinks!
Everyday is a school day, but more importantly, I had the honour of making cupcakes for the event. 
I'm not really a cupcake type-of-girl, this was the first time in donkey’s years that I had made cupcakes. The last time I was probably 8 years old and the cake mix most likely came from a packet. So I needed a really good fool-proof sponge recipe and also some slight decorating skills to produce some cute cupcakes good enough for my lovely friend. Cue the recipe:

baby shower

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