14 Dec 2012

"It's starting..."

Londo St Pauls Catherdral bus

...to feel a lot like Christmas"

Some nights feel extra special passing St Paul's on my way home after work. Tonight was one. It really felt 'Christmassy' as I pounded my city's streets and looked up at the cathedral beautifully lit. So, it only feels appropriate to wish you all a merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy it, whatever you do. I am lucky to be heading over the pond to visit my US family. In slightly warmer temperatures too.

9 Dec 2012

Baby Shower Cupcakes

cupcakes decoration

Do you know what? I have never seen a 'baby' pigeon!
In all of my 32 years living in London, I have never come across one?!
I have seen adult ones, fat ones, one-legged ones, one-eyed ones, but never 'baby' ones!?

Not that I really want to, as I hate pigeons (another story) but this realisation came to me whilst having to think of the answer to the correct term given to a 'baby' pigeon question, half way through a friend's baby shower quiz this weekend. Well, the answer is a 'squab', for those who care. And I learnt other terms for baby animals that I didn't previously know, that will enrich my life forever!


I also put my artistic baby drawing skills to practise. Check out my art (centre). It was done one-handed and blind, a pretty good attempt, me thinks!
Everyday is a school day, but more importantly, I had the honour of making cupcakes for the event. 
I'm not really a cupcake type-of-girl, this was the first time in donkey’s years that I had made cupcakes. The last time I was probably 8 years old and the cake mix most likely came from a packet. So I needed a really good fool-proof sponge recipe and also some slight decorating skills to produce some cute cupcakes good enough for my lovely friend. Cue the recipe:

baby shower

28 Oct 2012

Zebra cake


I’ve been so eager to write you this post! After three – yes three, attempts at various recipes for this cake, I finally find one that is the ‘bees-knees’! Or the zebra’s-knees! (Not funny, I know).
Anyway, why three attempts?! The shame!

Well, I’ll tell you. I kept trying the recipe in US format, with “cup” size measurements. So with me struggling to convert them to grams and ounces, lets just say I did a poor job … and the proof was in the pudding! (Ha. Excuse the pun).

When I first saw this cake, it was like cake-love at first sight! And to finally find a metric recipe to bring it perfectly to life: Oh, the joy!

Zebra cake

So on a rainy October afternoon in London my version of this two-tone beauty was born. A short-lived life however, as with its moist texture and chocolaty undertones, this zebra cake is truly more than a just pretty face.

4 Oct 2012


raspberry Clafoutis
Starting a blog a month before moving house is not a good thing! After 9 months, I am only writing my second post! I’ve still been baking, of course, but not blogging.

Please forgive me.
I have been busy though! As well as setting up a new home, I acquired a kitten and she’s taken quite a bit of my attention. As well as working 9-5 and everyday life!

So, to grace my comeback, I present to you ….. “Raspberry Clafoutis!”
"Cla- foo -teee?", What is that? A handful of people have asked me!
…I baked this because the name sounds good!

The recipe below is from the book Cookery School by Richard Corrigan.
Serve yours with orange cream or it’s great on is own!

1 Jan 2012

Banana Cake

banana cake icing

If you have ever baked a few things in your life, you may already have your very own little safety net. Your ‘safe option’ – the one recipe you know will generally turn out right!

Well, mine has to be Banana Cake. It’s a firm staple of mine.

The smell of this cake baking in the oven is just scrumptious and you will understand how ‘moreish’ it becomes. You’ll be forgiven for having more than a couple slices!

And I can’t help but feel so resourceful making it! It generally tastes better with very-ripe bananas. And if you’re anything like my fiancĂ©, (who wont eat a banana once it starts showing one or two brown spots on its skin), you’ll have loads of ‘reject’ bananas to put into that cake! Here's a few helpful pointers to start with, though.

banana cake

When I find a new favorite thing, I keep going back to it. New favourite shoes will get worn everyday; favourite nail polish, will g...

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